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The Technical Committee of SEADMA

SEADMA is dedicated to establish quality and binding specifications of consistent, high-performance drymix mortars throughout South East Asia. In its Technical Committee, experts from SEA and beyond discuss issues concerning formulations and standardisation as well as mechanized application requirements for all types of mortars. Membership is voluntary but encouraged.

Current Materials for members of the SEADMA TC

As registered TC member, you can download here the papers concerning the Second Round-Robin Test for Skim Coats (SEADMA TP-02).

The Technical Committee and the Workgroups of SEADMA 2006

The SEADMA Technical Committee Constitutional Meeting took place on 16. June 2006; 09:00 - 16:00, at SETSCO, Singapore. Over 20 drymix ortar experts discussed standardisation and performance specification issues, the protocol is available for download here:
Startet den Datei-DownloadProtocol of First SEADMA Technical Committee Meeting (.pdf)
Startet den Datei-DownloadBlackboard slides from MEDMA Technical Committee Meeting (.pdf)

The Technical Committee of SEADMA

Dr. R├╝diger Oberste-Padtberg of Ardex is heading our Technical Committee since June of 2008. The committee contributors are (in alphabetical order): Aqualon, Ardex, Elotex, Mapei, Wacker.

Supporters include: BASF, Beijing Building Academy, Calucem, Dow, PT Drymix Indonesia, SIKA, Sto SEA (Status: 19.03.2010; FL).

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