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The Indonesia Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association PROMINDO

Perkumpulan Produsen Mortar Industri Indonesia PROMINDO

Promindo: Goals and Mission

The Indonesia Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association PROMINDO (Perkumpulan Produsen Mortar Industri Indonesia PROMINDO) is a union of quality drymix mortar producers in Indonesia and is dedicated to promote the use of drymix mortars throughout the entire Archipelago. The members vow to establishing state-of-the-art use of high quality drymix mortars and will create the legislative framework (specifications, standards, certifications) to give access to Indonesia developers, consultants, contractors and the general public to efficient, durable and green production technology.

Founding Board of Directors, Advisors

The Founding of the new Association was entrusted by the General Assembly on 6. May 2015 to Ruslin Widjaja, Anton Ginting, Albertus Indra Sasmitra and Asanga Abhayawadhana. Advisors to the Committee are Pino Iskandar for Government Relations and Bruno Li (in the meantime replaced by José Martos) for Technical Issues.

Founding Members

At its inception meeting, held at Bungarampai Restaurant in Menteng, Jakarta on 11. December 2015, the following companies had formally declared the membership with The Indonesia Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association PROMINDO: AM, Asana Mortar, Bostik, Cipta Mortar Utama, Drymix Indonesia, Powerblock, S3, Sika and Uzin.


The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association SEADMA as the umbrella association of drymix mortar manufacturers associations throughout the ASEAN Region has exchanged membership with Promindo and welcomes and supports its activities.


Since its inception, 10 years ago, The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association SEADMA has been involved in several initiatives to form an initiative of drymix mortar manufacturers in Indonesia. Right from the beginning, then SEADMA members Cipta Mortar Utama (today Saint Gobain Weber), PT Drymix Indonesia and Indocement were joined by many Indonesian drymix mortar manufacturers in this effort. The first meeting solely for the purpose of forming an Association was held in 2008 at Menara Paninsula Hotel, several were to folow. Additional support for the idea came from Trisakti University and Bandung Institute of Technology. Recently, a decisive drive was added to the ideas by Mr. Ruslin Widjaja who has intensively networked and had individual talks with the industry during the past few years. On this basis it was decided to hold a meeting in Jakarta on this topic again.

The Meeting of the Initiative to Form The Indonesian Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association took place on Wednesday, 6. May 2015 at Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park, Indonesia. Apart from SEADMA's Executive Committee, the following companies were present: AKA Mortar (PT Jelambar Agung Utama), AM (Adiwisesa Mandiri), Astasiti Mahathana (Asana Mortar), Broco Aerated Concrete Industry, Drymix Indonesia, Eirich, Holcim, Indocement, Lemkra PT Guna Bangun Jaya, Mix Master, Moncrete, Mortindo (PT. Anugerah Mortar Abadi), NFLG, Power Block Indonesia, S3 Smart Mortar, Saint Gobain/Cipta Mortar Utama, Star Mortar, Tekindo, Uzindo and Wacker.

After the meeting at Pullman Hotel, the Founding Committee (see above) set to work on the formation of Promindo, which was carried out in festive surroundings in Bungarampai Restaurant, Menteng, Jakarta, on 11. December 2015.


The Indonesia Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association PROMINDO (Perkumpulan Produsen Mortar Industri Indonesia PROMINDO)
(office address to be determined)
c/o Ruslin Widjaja, Secretary
ruswid (at ) gmail . com

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