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Preliminary Charter

Startet den Datei-Downloadplease download the updated preliminary charter here (draft of 04. May 2006)
Draft of 30. December 2005

SEADMA is the industry association of drymix mortar manufacturers in the South East Asia (Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines). It is headquartered in Singapore and has regional chapters in the region.

SEADMA is dedicated to promote an integrative, quality minded approach to drymix (factory made) mortars to South East Asia. In order to realize this intention, SEADMA will

  • support R&D of drymix mortars, additives and equipment
  • install a system of quality control and certification for drymix mortars
  • educate applicators, specifiers and state bodies on the use of drymix mortars
  • install a system of quality control and certification for drymix mortars
  • standardize the various types of drymix mortars
  • make drymix mortar technology known throughout the region

SEADMA coordinates all similar and related activities in the South East Asia nations in regional chapters. SEADMA brings manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and consultants together with private, state and local specifiers for a joint effort for economical, high-quality, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing use of drmyix mortars.

SEADMA works in permanent exchange with relevant industry associations, research institutes and suppliers in Europe and elsewhere and thus ensures a state-of-the-art level of knowhow in the region.

SEADMA is a non-profit organisation, all income from membership contributions and other sales are being used exclusively for the abovementioned intention of SEADMA.

Member Commitments

SEADMA members are committed to produce modern, efficient, energy-saving and long lasting building materials. SEADMA associated members will supply state-of-the art raw materials and technologies to the South East Asia construction industry.

Conferences, Lectures, Publications, Documentation, Standards, Certification Procedures, Licensing of SEADMA Seal, Accumulation of Database, Statistics

Code of Conduct, Ethics

SEADMA members and associated members treat all nations even to allow and speed up technology transfer. SEADMA remains neutral with respect to commercial and strategic decisions of it's members and associated members. All SEADMA data is accessible to members and associated members. No illegal, ethically objectionable or otherwise immoral discussions can be conducted within SEADMA and it's national chapters.


PLease refer to the Code of Ethics published on this website