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The Organisation of SEADMA

Draft of 30. January 2006

SEADMA consists of
a) members (=drymix mortar manufacturing companies)
b) partners (= suppliers, distributors, service providers, Research & Development bodies, others)

The Board of SEADMA consitsts of 6 elected member's representatives. It is headed by one Chairman, who is being elected by the board. The board consists of 4 representatives of different drymix manufacturers and 2 representatives of associate members. The Founding Board is being appointed by the Founding Committee. The Board is being re-elected by all members and associate members every two years. To insure continuity, at least 3 members of the previous Board have to be part of the new Board.

The operations and the administration of SEADMA are being carried out by a Executive Secretary, who is being appointed by the Board. The Executive Secretary submits an annual report of the activities carried out on behalf of SEADMA as well as an annual financial report.

SEADMA installs 2 active bodies:

a) The National Chapters
The National Chapters of SEADMA are bodies of SEADMA. They formulate their goals and activities in conformance with the SEADMA Charter. They recieve funding from the membership contributions collected by SEADMA. Their board consists of up to 4 representatives of members from that nation. The first board is appointed by SEADMA, the succeeding Boards are elected amongst the members from that nation.

b) The Technical Work Groups
The work groups of SEADMA are being structured by the Board of SEADMA and are installed and supported by the Executive Secretary. They focus on specific topics and/or product groups and prepare procedures and proposals concerning this topic. The experts are invited by SEADMA to join a particular Work Group.