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SEADMA Vietnam Kick-Off Meeting, 17. July 2018, at Continental Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

Uniting the Vietnam Drymix Mortar Industry

For the past few years, Vietnam has enjoyed a robust economy and is showing permanently increased building activity. This not only refers to new construction (mainly residential and commercial real estate, tourism investment and development of light industrial zones) but also to an increasing volume of renovation and refurbishment, mostly for the mediocre and fast-built edifices from the boom years 2001 to 2010. Also the infrastructure has seen a lot of improvement and repair.
In this phase, Vietnam definitely needs the influx of construction technology and knowhow, in order to improve building efficiency and overall quality and durability. Investors (both foreign and National) will no longer accept conventional technology and finishing, but rather expect high-class and top-standard buildings. Drymix mortar technology is being used in Vietnam since 1995, but still the main application is skim coats and similar putties. Thus, entrepreneurs in Vietnam have a lot of potential to venture into new applications such as renders (plasters), tile adhesives and grouts, thick and thin screeds, concrete renovation and thermal insulation to just name a few.
The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association SEADMA is promoting the use of drymix mortars and adjacent technologies (such as machine installation) throughout the territory of ASEAN. Over the past few years, SEADMA has also become an umbrella organization for local chapters which already exist in The Philippines (PhilDMMA), Indonesia (Promindo), Thailand (ThaiDMMA, a sub chapter in Thai Concrete Association TCA) and recently Malaysia (MDMMA). It is the intention of the SEADMA Vietnam Kick-Off meeting to unite the drymix mortar industry of Vietnam, determine the current situation and formulate the goals for the future. SEADMA proposes to form a neutral and independent Vietnam Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Association (VietDMMA) to give the industry the chance to speak in one voice to regulators such as Government Agencies of Institutions as well as see to a proper standardization of drymix mortars. VietDMMA will also coordinate the promotion for mortar applications to come.

Who can join? Any drymix mortar manufacturer active in Vietnam, Industry peers such as raw material and equipment suppliers and/or their distributors are also admitted.

How can I register? Pre-registration is mandatory by e-mail to

What does it cost? The SEADMA  Vietnam Kick-Off Meeting is free of charge for drymix mortar producers (up to 2 delegates per company, additional delegates pay only VND 4.200/ EUR 150). Industry Observers pay EUR 350, reduced to EUR 270 for partners of SEADMA or

Any more questions? =>info(at)

12th Annual SEADMA Conference, Nusajaya Johor, 23.11.17

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The 12th Annual SEADMA Conference takes place at Jen Hotel Puteri Harbor, Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia (just across the second link from Singapore) on Thursday, 23. November 2017, from 11:00 to 19:00. The newly formed Malaysia Drymix Mortar Manufacturer's Association MDMMA (we reported earlier) and SEADMA are proud to welcome the international delegates. Traditionally, SEADMA is also conducting its Annual General Assembly (AGM) during this event. The MEDMA/SEADMA Technical Bulletin 12 will be published on this occasion. Club: we are planning a casual gettogether on the harbour after the conference on 20:00, please reserve with us by e-mail when you register for the conference (everyone pays on his own).

We are also arranging a shuttle service from Singapore (leaving early on 23. November, returning in the morning on 24. November), please tell us at registration if you wish to book this service. If you travel in your own car, please realize, that crossing the Singapore/Malaysia border may take upt to one hour, depending on traffic.

Workshop on the Use of Mortar Machines in Efficient Construction in Thailand, 14.1.2017, Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok

The Thai Drymix Mortar Manufacturer‘s Association (ThaiDMMA) and SEADMA invited to a Workshop on the Use of Mortar Machines in Efficient Construction in Thailand on 24. January 2017 at the splendid Siam Kempinski Hotel. Collaborators for this workshop were (in alphabetical order) Bouygues-Thai Ltd. (a large developer of high-class projects with own plastering operations), Ngamwongwan (a large plastering contractor), Pheung Chengtong, (a large subcontractor, specialized on plastering mainly working for SYNTEC), Powerline Engineering Public Co. Ltd. (a very large contractor operating internationally and in Thailand, too).

The goal of this unique training and exchange opportunity i

was to bring together specialized (plastering) contractors with the drymix mortar industry, consultants, architects and specifically the quality manufacturers of machineable mortars united in SEADMA and ThaiDMMA. The practical lectures during the workshop explained the chances of machine supported mortar applications and the increase in efficiency and jobsite logistics (all application specific lectures are being held in Thai language).

To download Initiates file downloadthe conference flyer, please click here (.pdf).

11th Annual SEADMA Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, 17. November 2016

The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association holds its 11th Annual Conference at Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta, Indonesia on 17. November 2016. As usual, SEADMA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) also takes place during the conference. A special part of the program will focus on the recent development in SEADMA's regional chapters, namely in Thailand (ThaiDMMA), The Philippines (PhilDMMA) and of course Indonesia (Promindo). The Technical Bulletin Nr. 11 will be presented on occasion of this event.

Registration for the 11th Annual SEADMA Conference has already started, you can book using your credit card (Visa, Master accepted) on Admission is 310 Euro, reduced to 270 Euro for SEADMA and members. The specially rebated rate for mortar manufacturers has been granted, it is only 150 Euro.

For more information, Initiates file downloadplease find our conference flyer and program here (.pdf).

If you wish to register, please use our shop (Visa or Mastercard required, shop handled by Micro-Conference Pte. Ltd., Singapore)

The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association SEADMA

SEADMA is the association for the promotion of drymix mortars (eg Renders, Plasters, Tile Adhesives, Grouts, Thermal Insulation and specialty mortars) for better, faster, longer-lasting and quality minded construction. Drymix mortars minimize construction time, energy consumption and long-range damages and thus the overall maintenance time and cost. SEADMA is a promoter of an integrative, quality minded approach to drymix (factory made) mortars to the ASEAN nations. In SEADMA , manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and consultants meet with private, state and local specifiers.
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