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SEADMA Mortar College

Professional Skills Improvement Training for Tradesmen, Foremen and Specifiers (Consultants, Surveyors and Architects)

How to find us: SEADMA Mortar College, c/o Admaterials; Prospaq, 58 Sungei Kadut Loop, Singapore 729501

The SEADMA Mortar College, founded in 2015, combines all education and training related activities of The South East Asia Drymix Mortar Association SEADMA Ltd. in the ASEAN region during the last 10 years. The teaching contents include training sessions on all aspects of drymix mortar applications. Seminars are organized to offer professional skills improvements for individuals and companies with focus on technical, commercial, socio-economical and efficiency issues.

A recent focus has been put on Singapore, where skills improvement trainings for foreign laborers have become semi-mandatory for contractors. SEADMA stands by to assist the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) and the Buidling and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) to set up tailor-made skills improvement trainings that serve the desired purpose: the increase of construction quality and efficiency.


Initiates file downloadFor more information on our 6th SEADMA Skills Improvement Training on Tiling (A-1), please click here.


Past Trainings:

2006, HDB-Hub, Singapore: General Seminar on all Applications of Drymix Mortars
2007, Setsco, Singapore: 2 Educative Sessions on Skim Coats (initiative for review HDB-Spec)
2009, Marine Bay Sands, Singapore: General Seminar teachings on Skim Coats, CTA and SLU
2014, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore: General Seminar with teachings on laboratory analysis, CTA and Renders ("plastering")
2016, SEADMA Mortar College Sungei Kadut, Singapore: Skills Training on Tiling
see SEADMA Skills Training information document here
Summary: This Skills Training is specifically designed to improve the skills of foreign tradesmen in tiling using Cementitious Tile Adhesives (CTA). Material choice includes certified and compatible products in accordance with ISO 13007 and the specifications issued by the Singapore Housing and
Development Board (HDB). This Skills Training corresponds to Level A-1 (Tiles and Grouts) of SEADMA Mortar College.

SEADMA Mortar College: The Curriculum

Section A: Tiling
A-1    Basic Principles of Tile Installation for Tradesmen with Hands-On Application
A-2    Advanced professionsl CTA Training (tile layout and expansion joints; +Hands-On)
A-3    Professional Grouting of Tiles Surfaces (+Hands-On)
A-4    Floor Tiling Techniques (Thin Bed and Buttering Floating; +Hands-On)
A-5    Natural Stone installations (floors and walls; +Hands-On)
A-6    Master Classes on Tiling (various workshops)
Section B: Rendering ("plastering")
B-1    Basic Skills Improvement Training for Tradesmen on Wall Rendering (+Hands-On)
B-2    Advanced Rendering Training (+Hands-On)
B-3    The Use of mixers, pumps and spraying equipment in wall rendering
B-4    Demonstration Seminar on the Use of Jobsite Machinery (+Hands-On)
B-5    Basic Skills Applying Skim Coats (+Hands-On)
B-6    Advanced Professional Training on Skim Coats, Specification KnowHow
Section C: Screeds and Self-Levelling Flooring
C-1    Basic Skills Improvement Trainng on Thick Screeds (incl. floor preparation; +Hands-On)
C-2    Thick Floor Screeds: Material Choice and Application (+Hands-On)
C-3    The Application of Self-Levelling Flooring Screeds (+Hands-On)
C-4    Machine Use to Increase Construction Efficiency (corresponds to B-4)
Section D: Specialty Applications
D-1    Concrete Repair and Renovation and Precision Grouting
D-2    Thermal Insulation


Status: 22. January 2016