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The 4th Philippine Drymix Mortar Meeting, 9. February 2023 in Manila, The Philippines

Thursday, 9. February 2023, 11:00 - 18:00, Holiday Inn Makati, Manila, The Philippines

Initiates file downloadPreliminary Program, Status 20. DEC 22

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Meeting Summary

The Philippine Drymix Mortar Meeting is targeted at the manufacturers of quality drymix mortars and their suppliers and distributors. It features scientific lectures about important applications of drymix mortars and an industry showcase. Its main focus is technical information about drymix mortar formulations, the use of jobsite machinery, other marketing strategies and standardisation of mortars. The lectures for the The Philippine Drymix Mortar Meeting are being arranged by SEADMA and (please enquire with us if you are interested to contribute a topic). Also take advantage of the manifold networking opportunities.

Admission (Early Bird until 31 DEC 23)

Regular Admission:  390 €

Admission for members: 290 €

Admission for Mortar Manufacturers: 190 €

Admission for Mortar Manufacturers from outside The Philippines, special rate: 100 €

Sponsoring/Industry Showcase

Various options of sponsoring for members and partners of exist - a list of options is available upon request.

Please find the Call for Papers Initiates file downloadhere.

Organized by:

Micro-Conference Pte. Ltd., 80 South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058710



Subject to change without notice