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< Thai Drymix Mortar Manufacturers Meeting, 19. Sep 2007, Bangkok, Thailand
22.05.2007 13:14 Age: 17 Jahre
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First Vietnam Drymix Mortar Conference 22. Nov 2007, Hanoi, Vietnam, City Fairgrounds, 13:00 - 17:00

Supported by Ardex, Beumer, Calucem, Elotex, Haver & Boecker, Henkel, Kerneos, m-tec, Wacker, MMIAsia

On occasion of Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterCon-Build Vietnam , which takes place from 20. to 23 November 2007 in Hanoi, SEADMA has arranged an expert conference on the manufacturing and the applications of drymix mortars. This event is being arranged in cooperation with Messe München International, Singapore (MMIAsia) which has also provided SEADMA with a booth to present its ideas during Conbuild Vietnam. The conference is free of charge but preliminary registration is required to Moderator: Ferdinand Leopolder, President, SEADMA.

Session 1: The Manufacturing, Handling, Packaging and Applying of Drymix Mortars
Session 2: Drymix Mortars: The Major Applications








State-of-the Art Automated Manufacturing Units for Drymix Mortars

Andreas Michelfelder

m-tec gmbh


Efficient, Clean and Weather-Resistant Packaging Equipment for the Use in Drymix Mortar Plants

Engelbert Köß

Haver & Boecker OHG


Protecting the Loads: Product Driven Palletizing

Attawit Armincen, Frank Lauerbach

Beumer Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG


Improving Performance, Enhancing Output, Streamlining Workflow on the Jobsite: Modern Application Technology for Drymix Mortars

Andreas Michelfelder

m-tec gmbh


The Advantage of Drymix Mortars over Site-Mixed Building Products,

Dr. Rüdiger Oberste-Padtberg, Viet Anh Doan

Ardex GmbH, Ardex Vietnam


Coffee Break, Courtesy of MMIAsia Singapore

Messe München International


Introduction, SEADMA Seal of Quality

Ferdinand Leopolder



Beautiful Surfaces: what Drymix Mortars can do to the Appearance of a Building. A Lecture about Exterior Renders, Skim Coats and Interior Plasters and their Efficient Use on the Jobsites

Dr. Liang Zhang

Elotex China


Self-Levelling Flooring Screeds - a Video Demonstration and Practical Lecture

Sin-Fook Chen

Kerneos SA


Fast, Clean, Accurate, Long-Lasting: Modern Ceramic Tile Adhesives

Martin Niekamp

Henkel China Group


How Drymix Mortars Can Help Vietnam to Save Energy: Modern EIFS Systems for Building Rehabilitation and New Construction

LDr. Insan Boy, Thanh-Hnan Huynh

Wacker Chemie AG

The Startet den Datei-DownloadFirst Vietnam Drymix Mortar Conference: Press Release

Startet den Datei-Downloadpreliminary programme is available as .pdf here

(combined with SEADMA Press Release Nr. 06/07).